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Dear customers and friends,

The unprecedented days we are going through have shocked our daily lives but also the immediate future, creating uncertainty for our health, for our work and then for our plans for the future.

At Ktima Aperanto Azalio, we fully understand the anxiety of our customers and their concerns and we sympathize with them.

Already, all the May weddings have been moved to future dates and some have been moved to next year. The same will happen for those marriages due to Force Majeure , can not be done on the date they were originally planned.

However, it does not apply to dates that are not affected by government measures, so any postponement will have a small charge.

Our concern is to go through this crisis with you and to find a solution together, so that we can all be healthy and calm when your unique day of your event arrives!

For this year's weddings:

Whatever measures the government takes to limit the number of people per table, hygiene measures, etc., we are pleased to inform you that the property has the squares to expand the tables without any problems on the one hand, on the other hand, we have started preparing antiseptics and equipment that will be required.

We are waiting for the announcement of the measures and finally the start date by the government.

Estate Infinite Blue

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